Backpacked Australian Journey – Book Readings 3 and 4

Heres post 2 in my mini series with me reading the first chapter of my Australia Travel book. There will be more over the next few days. Each is only 10 minutes so not too much.

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There is only 2 days at the release of this post to get it for free.


Backpacked Australian Journey – Book Readings 3 and 4




Backpacked Australian Journey – Book Readings 1 and 2

I hope you have found my free book on Amazon. If not then you only have a few more days before the price changes.

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I decided to do something different and create a video book reading. I have never done this before and not the best person to jump in front of a camera, but it was enjoyable to say the least.

I have released 2 videos initially. There will be more over the next few days. Each is only 10 minutes so not too much.


Backpacked Australian Journey – Book Readings 1 and 2




​Let Me Tell You a Story

Want to be successful? 
Then see people as someone to help not to sell. Would you want to listen to a sales pitch or a good story?

The end goal would be the same but the feeling is what is important. Curiosity and visual reception is aroused with a story.

My example

Let me explain and put this to the test (hopefully).

What if I said:

I have a book for 13 US dollars where I guide you through my journey in Australia. Not really apealling as its a sales pitch.

But what if I then said:

I had a truly life changing experience in Australia for a year where I met my future wife as we travelled together. Possible romance story, maybe interesting to some. Still little detail on emotions.

So how about:

Let me take you on a journey to discover places you would normally miss. My travels we full of fun times, amazing wildlife, the occasional painful story and most of all the start of a loving relationship that has lasted for 12 years.

If you are curious by the way its available at:




Watch and interact in a Live Safari via your Smartphone

Safari Live Chat allows you to watch live animals and learn about the nature in South Africa, Kruger National Park.

Safari Live Chat


See wild animals and talk to guides on Safari.


      Animals in the Wild


You can see some wonderful animals live on safari from South Africa. They are all in natural habitat and you can see anything at anytime. There is no fencing in the local area so animals can come and go as they please.


One day you may see lions taking down a buffalo and other days look at leopards, elephants, wild dogs and hyenas. But it’s not just the big animals as we see spiders, butterflies and many more insects.

Take a Guided Journey



You can listen to many experienced Safari Guides as they take you around the bush. There are two sessions of 3 hours, Sunrise and Sunset Safaris. The guides have an incredible amount of knowledge  including animals, plants and the whole eco system.  But that’s not all as you can watch dam cams live 24 hours a day.

Let’s Chat!


You can chat to the guides and other viewers via the Twitter feed. Don’t forget to include #SafariLive in your message. Your messages and questions to the guides can be read out live on air and answered by them. It is a wonderful and engaging form of edutainment.




Safari Live Chat



See wild animals and talk to guides on Safari.