Find Your Inner Artist!

Now for some people drawing is up there as either a love or hate.

Most of the people who dislike come from bad influences which has given them a horrible time. I will say it is a great tool for great inspirational output. And now, I have got back to something I have not done for a while.

I made a sketch video a few years back, but with different things happening meant that no more got made. It’s always the same story of, “I will do it later.” I first decided to draw old photos of mine from my worldly travels, but never got around to another video.

My first was Sydney Harbour Bridge. I loved this photo with the couple walking between the trees, in front of the bridge.


My latest was a photo I took in Melbourne, Australia. It is a place called Yarra River, which runs through the city.



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Get on Your Bike! It Is Good for Health

​It is now September and the summer heat has reduced. 

During the summer I would readily ride my bike outside doing 40K a week in smaller intervals with the mission of speed. 

Bike for sale, one not so careful owner. 🙂

At that time it was purely for exercise and I would be in the same location and pushing my ability more and more each time, but now the temperature has dropped and my health is at a happy and acceptable level I find now it should be more of a traveling time. 

So far this month I have done two 20km and two 30km rides and it’s been wonderful to be out in a cooler sun and to enjoy the end of summer. I ride around mostly in the countryside along the rivers as there are wonderful bike tracks that follow along the edges wherever they may flow. 

A bike track 12km from home.

I also see and chat to other riders as I go along. People chat and ask simple questions such as where are you from , how often do you go out cycling and aslo comparing bikes. I find it interesting to talk to complete strangers as we are brought together with something in common.

Know When to Take a Break as Your Body Will Thank You

Recently, my computer broke.

It seems right now as the best ting to happen to me as I feel mentally tired. It’s like I have been running on auto pilot. When on the computer, I would always be thinking and doing either writing or mostly coding.

I now go to bed early and get up at around 6:30 and then rest and relax when I can work out what to do. This has for such a long time not been my schedule. Waking up in the morning and hearing the birds singing and with a cool summer breeze blowing is so magical.

A strange effect I did not expect was that just recently I took 4 minutes of my PB for 10km. I could keep going much more than I usually could as my energy had a welcomed boost.

I feel tired mentally, but it’s getting better. I have pushed and pushed for so long that normality has become a distant memory.

In Summary

The lesson here is that less is most definitely more especially at night as your body will thank you for it. I actually feel like I am on vacation in my own mind.


Let Everybody Know That You Are Here, Complete with New Goals and Fresh Outlook on Life

standtallKeep Your Head Up and STAND TALL!

I am very excited to let you all know that my first book is now available. Its taken eons to get this far. The proofing and structure had not been a walk in the park by any means.

So what can you find? Well this is a collection of over 200 quotes with many examples that I have collected over the years. The content comes from many experiences during traveling and working as a teacher in various places.

Preview first on

There are so much more inspirational bits than on this site. You can find:


Part 1 – Motivation and Happiness

The first five chapters are in quick fire succession with many small points to help with in your life that can be addressed quickly. They help raise questions in you about what and where you would like improvements.
1. Lifestyle and Character
2. Motivation and Passion
3. Priority and Direction
4. Decisions and Choices
5. Simplicity and Creativity

Part 2 – Lifestyle and Organizing

The second set of five chapters is more in depth. They cover deeper aspects in your life that need more focus. They come with more details, explanations and examples.
1. Success and Dreams
2. Life and Organizing
3. Choices and Opinions
4. Anger and Emotions
5. Earnings and Rewards


If you like what you see on my blog then you will like my book.

You can read a preview on Amazon now at


Take the Afternoon off and Get out of the House

As I write this I sit alone in a local park with only the insect for company. The reason I am alone is simple as its 35C. For myself I am pushing my health more than I have done before and it is starting to show. I have lost an incredible amount of weight and my stamina has increased beyond anything I could before remember, so much so that jogging is now a new possibility.

There are a few old guys walking through and occasionally kids on bikes and that’s about it. It’s a lovely temperature to be honest as a calm breeze with not much humidity. It’s now almost 6pm and the sun is slowly setting which should only help get a few more people outside.

As I sit here I wonder how it is that there is no one else is doing the same as me. To get out of the house no matter what the temperature is a plus. To feel down and gloomy about being at home can be instantly banished being outside surrounded with the sound of wildlife.
Right now there are cicadas and crickets everywhere, which when at home was annoying white noise, but here with them is completely different and almost peaceful.
The whole rat race has ceased to be. Try it.


Moving to another country? Here is what to take.

What if you could move house or move to another country without all the things that you have?

This is something that I plan to do as I am currently working in South Korea and I’ve been here for 8 years, but now it’s time to go back to the UK.

Take a look around your house at all the different things you have and can you ask yourself how much of that is essential?

Most of us would not like to lose those things as we have bought them or they may have sentimentality such as presents, so it’s hard to lose everything. After removing the personal things for the journey to the new house, it’s time to look at the rest. Do they serve a practical purpose or could they be useful in another country? The chances are some of it will be yes, but when you look at something that could be getting old or maybe doesn’t serve much of a purpose anymore this has a perfect chance of being left behind.

It’s almost like a new life to be able to walk away from everything you’ve done and take with you the best things. So again, could you do that and walk away with the essential and practical things from your house and move to another country?

As I’ve said I intend to do this soon and so far my kitchen space has become a recycle center where there are many pieces from myself my wife and the children seemingly Surplus to requirements . The rest of the house so far has the essentials in there at least for command a living but then to move to another country they don’t seem to still be an essential item. For example if you move to another country you probably wouldn’t take most of the technology with you as that would seem maybe a little kind Impractical in costs.

The interesting thing is my wife agrees with me which to appoint kind of shocks me as she is pretty easily to label as a hoarder and to basically walk away from many of the items that are in here and move to a new house in the UK is kind of shocking from her. It makes this situation so much easier if both of you agree on the new Fresh Start is it were.

I think to a point if you can turn some of the stuff that you have that’s not going with you if you can turn it into a kind of a small profit to help with transition and to help with initial setup would be really advantageous. Another thing as well would be to help the people around you including neighbors and family. In our house we have many books and it would be a shame that they don’t go to a good home. I would personally like them to go to family as being in sales career the chances are that they’re not going to have access to as many English books as I have here and it can help with their children’s education. To be able to do that and help others around you feels really helpful and leaving a nice goodbye present to them.

So I put it to you on how could you do that and to think about when moving house what parts are removing just for moving and really shouldn’t be moving as such?

When we move house that may be just a few miles or kilometers we would tend to move everything we have with not much question now should we or should we not take it. Not really if something is broken then it shouts at you that it’s not really going to fit in well in the new house. But for many things that you have they would go with you as the whole situation of moving alone is as stressful situation to deal with.

This is the second time I’ve moved in 2 years as the last time I moved we only moved about 400 meters. Our previous house was rented and So eventually we were able to buy our own house and the situation of all that happened. I tried to question and stop things going to a new house and to a degree yes that did happen but again on top of that there were some things that felt like it breaking away from a fresh start and more a case of just moving from one box to another. This time is a lot different AZ the truly cannot be any excuse for anything you have to go with you it has to have either real sentimentality connected to it or serves a truly Practical purpose.

photo credit: Am I dreaming, or is there a house in the middle of the street? via photopin (license)


Try Visiting to a New Country Called Solitude

It’s strange to feel that for once that there is nothing to do.

The oddness of that is I have a to do list but right now seems irrelevant. I go walking or riding to clear my head and then write. Usually something pops up and go with that thought. My mind seems to be on vacation and I wonder is it a good thing or bad thing? I don’t know.

Right now I’m sitting in a park with people going by on a lovely day and its very free. It’s spring time here and kids are playing and old folks pass by doing their power walks. There’s no worrying to be here with no clear motive as to what to do, but liberating non the less. I also don’t mind dealing with whatever situation arises next.

I think I am waiting for something but not sure what it is. Right now I am in a junction of my life and wondering which way to go. Next would be easier to choose if there was a sign. Not sure what that would be as such but I’ll keep looking.

To take my mind to a new country like this is slightly strange. To do this on vacation would be the ideal way but ill take this anyway. Solitude and peace are something I never thought too much about as they’re not areas that seem productive to me. We push ourselves constantly to achieve and obtain bigger and better things but for what?


Seven Wonders to Dwell on When Planning

At what point do plans become more purposeful and not just some whim. Everyone plans to be more healthy but that doesn’t mean that everyone is.

Are you just planning or shouldn’t you take more action?

I speak from a stressful situation where my other half is telling me things to the point of sounding like a dictator. The problem is that I never knew they meant ideas only. So when I finally sussed it out that it was all brainstorming and basically getting an airing then it becomes nothing more than noise; at least to me anyway.


  1. Talk to others – they can help you much more than being alone.
  2. Make small updates – create review points  to go over  what has happened so far.
  3. Organize your current plans – before adding new plans and ideas, make sure you are in control with your current state.
  4. Financial restraints – money might be a decision maker.
  5. Be inspired – its great to break the norm and feel a fresh sense of direction.
  6. Look for problems – addressing problems right away might kill instantly wasted time on enduring plans.
  7. Enjoy the new directions – take new challenges with vigor and not fear.

So what we need to do is work out first what should have action and what should not. I hope the points above help you and please share any points you have.


photo credit: SSobG via photopin (license)