Gardening with Egg Shells – Update

I have recently tried a couple of small projects in the garden. I intend at some point later to upscale and go full on kitchen garden. I have been watching eagerly the progress of growing chillies. A problem I have is the less than appealing temperatures. I am testing and as for the future it... Continue Reading →


How Well Can You Take Criticism?

It can come in some unexpected situations I play for a local pool team of about 12 members in total including some good friends from school from over 20 years ago. We play in league 2 and currently sit mid table. Last night though we shocked the best team in the league with a 4-3... Continue Reading →

Lose the Baggage and Find Your Motivation!

Do we do things because we have to or because we want to? How do you feel if you have to do something? I guess you might feel like a little kid being dragged to school by their mother. Now compare that to the feeling of doing something because you want to. There is a... Continue Reading →

10 Ways to Make Better Decisions

Too Many Decisions? Well I hope I can help you. You would think that the older you get makes your live easier to deal with, but I have to say, categorically it doesn't. Experience seems to count for nothing at times. And so I would like to make a fun list of how to make... Continue Reading →

Time for Change and Move On. Make Way for Progression

I was recently walking through the streets in Manchester UK, when I saw a large building being demolished.  It was like a scene from the Avengers movie with a huge hole in a once sturdy building.  I thought why on Earth would they destroy something that has so much history and character? The problem with... Continue Reading →

So Far so Good

I am now into my second week at my new¬† job. I have to say the place is nice. The other teachers and workers are lovely to be with. It's a work in progress with it being a new building. We spend a fair majority interviewing new students. So far my previous material from teaching... Continue Reading →

Let Everybody Know That You Are Here, Complete with New Goals and Fresh Outlook on Life

Keep Your Head Up and STAND TALL! I am very excited to let you all know that my first book is now available. Its taken eons to get this far. The proofing and structure had not been a walk in the park by any means. So what can you find? Well this is a collection... Continue Reading →

Simple Tips to Be Prepared and Deal with the Future

I want to ask you, what really matters in life? The reason I ask is because these days many people seem distracted and their focus in life is misguided. The world is very materialistic and I for one have grown up in a house where there are many ornaments on shelves and in cabinets. My... Continue Reading →

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