Gardening with Egg Shells – Update

I have recently tried a couple of small projects in the garden. I intend at some point later to upscale and go full on kitchen garden.

I have been watching eagerly the progress of growing chillies. A problem I have is the less than appealing temperatures. I am testing and as for the future it leaves a few plants with a more concrete plan in needing more heat.

As for now I have made 2 test pots, one with just chillies and one with added egg shells.

I have heard before they can help to be good at repelling slugs and snails. I also wanted to test the power of nutrients from them too.


The picture shows a clear difference in height for the ones with. Granted there maybe other factors as well but right now its clear to me egg shells can work as a organic fertilizer.


How Well Can You Take Criticism?

It can come in some unexpected situations

I play for a local pool team of about 12 members in total including some good friends from school from over 20 years ago. We play in league 2 and currently sit mid table. Last night though we shocked the best team in the league with a 4-3 win. It was also a great night with it also being a home match. The score has usually been a 4-3 against in previous games.

As you can see from the post main photo we have a theme of wearing Hawaiian shirts. We are well known for this and to a point is quite clever in creating a team and not looking to pretentious and to look like we just want some fun. I am at the far left in the green shirt.

I have many years experience playing pool and snooker and I was on a winning streak, but it came to a halt against a very good player. I didn’t play any different, but I felt that all night that I couldn’t control the white ball. It seemed to go wherever it wanted.


Later in the night one friend said I have a poor routine in addressing the table. At first my thought was any help is welcome as I am a recent new addition to the team. But after a while it kept nagging at me how I could have a problem that serious for so long and never notice it. It was a bizarre fight in my head to understand I have a positive fix for something but then still be thinking how could I have been so wrong all that time.

Criticism is fine but…

I was so angry with myself and yet so happy to be given great praise and constructive help. What he gave me was a pre-shot routine. I think that is the real problem with criticism in that we believe we are correct in what we do, but sometimes we just need to listen and appreciate that others have out best interests at heart.

Lose the Baggage and Find Your Motivation!

Do we do things because we have to or because we want to?
How do you feel if you have to do something? I guess you might feel like a little kid being dragged to school by their mother. Now compare that to the feeling of doing something because you want to.

There is a huge difference and so the question you should ask is how can those jobs make us feel like were being dragged kicking and screaming to be then changed to a feeling of excitement and being curious?

The reason is to lose the baggage of things that are holding you back. These can come from anywhere and anyone including yourself. We tag on so much emotional baggage to things even if we don’t know we’re doing it.
Find your Clarity
The result is lack of motivation and inspiration. We then reach out to others. We listen to someone maybe on a blog about inspiration, but then a few months later give up as we are all back to the state of long before.

We expect results and improvement in our lives but we don’t pay respect enough to the methods to get the improvements. We want everything done now and quickly.

And so again, we need to lose the previous baggage we hoped would help. We need to look more to ourselves about what we should do. Accept things before as failure and move on to new times of being curious and excited.


photo credit: VickVision mobile clothes via photopin (license)


10 Ways to Make Better Decisions

Too Many Decisions? Well I hope I can help you.
You would think that the older you get makes your live easier to deal with, but I have to say, categorically it doesn’t.
Experience seems to count for nothing at times. And so I would like to make a fun list of how to make a more correct decision.

My top 10 in no particular order:
1. Keep it simple. Don’t over complicate the situation.
2. Prioritize. Look at what should be done not what you can do.
3. Get an opinion. If at times you are lost then ask a friend.
4. Toss a coin. Hey, if it’s a 50-50 decision, why not? Moreover you could make a homemade dice for custom decisions.
5. Past experiences. If whatever you are facing was like before and it can help, then use it.
6. Get educated. For whatever situation you are in someone somewhere has been there before.
7. Logic touch. If you can see emotion clouding your judgement then remove it and look at it logically.
8. Take your time. Added pressure does not help so stop and take a break.
9. Do the right thing. Ask yourself honestly are you doing the right thing.
10. If all else fails then go with your gut instinct

If you listened to everyone’s comments you would never know where to turn, but I hope these can help.


photo credit: vimalknz Decisions via photopin (license)


Time for Change and Move On. Make Way for Progression

I was recently walking through the streets in Manchester UK, when I saw a large building being demolished. 

It was like a scene from the Avengers movie with a huge hole in a once sturdy building.

 I thought why on Earth would they destroy something that has so much history and character? The problem with the demolition is what comes next and it will be a metal and glass cube for sure. And to that I would say, where is the progression?

It’s hard to let go of some things that is true. I’m very sentimental to the old buildings and having feelings and emotions towards the past to purposely destroy to create something new is a little counterproductive for me.

Buildings that are old, and yes, it maybe was in a bad way, I do not know the real reason, but to trash something that has been there for so long should be renovated first before demolition, full stop.

When you have something like that should we just give up or should we try to preserve?

I would try first before I gave up as I’ve I love my history as during my travelling around the world I would seek out the cultural and historical buildings first. And so now I am losing the city that I grew up in.


So Far so Good

img_20170207_135009img_20170207_134957I am now into my second week at my new  job. I have to say the place is nice. The other teachers and workers are lovely to be with. It’s a work in progress with it being a new building. We spend a fair majority interviewing new students.

So far my previous material from teaching ESL in Korea is going to be gold here.

Hopefully this keeps going nicely.


Let Everybody Know That You Are Here, Complete with New Goals and Fresh Outlook on Life

standtallKeep Your Head Up and STAND TALL!

I am very excited to let you all know that my first book is now available. Its taken eons to get this far. The proofing and structure had not been a walk in the park by any means.

So what can you find? Well this is a collection of over 200 quotes with many examples that I have collected over the years. The content comes from many experiences during traveling and working as a teacher in various places.

Preview first on

There are so much more inspirational bits than on this site. You can find:


Part 1 – Motivation and Happiness

The first five chapters are in quick fire succession with many small points to help with in your life that can be addressed quickly. They help raise questions in you about what and where you would like improvements.
1. Lifestyle and Character
2. Motivation and Passion
3. Priority and Direction
4. Decisions and Choices
5. Simplicity and Creativity

Part 2 – Lifestyle and Organizing

The second set of five chapters is more in depth. They cover deeper aspects in your life that need more focus. They come with more details, explanations and examples.
1. Success and Dreams
2. Life and Organizing
3. Choices and Opinions
4. Anger and Emotions
5. Earnings and Rewards


If you like what you see on my blog then you will like my book.

You can read a preview on Amazon now at


Simple Tips to Be Prepared and Deal with the Future

I want to ask you, what really matters in life?

The reason I ask is because these days many people seem distracted and their focus in life is misguided.

The world is very materialistic and I for one have grown up in a house where there are many ornaments on shelves and in cabinets. My parents had a house that was very traditional in style. The world has changed now as the house I grew up in and the house I am now living in look nothing like each other. This is not being rebellious but more of a personal expression and a role of I see of practicality.

I did not hate the house I grew up in as it was nice, but the environment to me did not seem at all practical and more of a trophy collection. Right now for me the space I want is to be very useful. This does not mean there is no room for sentimentality, just not as a museum.

Just a thought…

When things are of more practical value, does that make them any less  in touch with what is correct in life? To be in touch with a successful way of life and have positivity does not need to be materialistic. I find it quite invigorating that my kids can come home with friends and they know where things are due to the less crazy atmosphere. It means they are in command of the space as well as me.

Be a teacher

What I’m trying to get at here is that technically we are all teachers to some degree to our friends and family around us and so they should see you in a good light. Now, if you can then address the common day problems in life that occur and you look to be successful then that’s the moment you become the teacher to others.

Being in touch with life in the eyes of others could also be attached to your health. If you look at friends and family and see that they are healthy, wouldn’t that then want to make you to follow their style? We can try to be healthy, but things happen that can affect our days. We always have good intentions, but to follow through and make those intentions stick can be a lot harder.

In Conclusion

So as we’ve addressed to have good health and to have a good home that you share with friends and family makes a good life, but does that mean that we are in touch? I would like to think so but the problems that we face every day can change that environment for us. There are many things that affect our day and that has to be acceptable as those are natural. Things happen that we cannot be ready for, but we have to be ready that our day may change.

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