Be in Control!

I heard this the other day from a motivational video I watched.

“If your mind created the problem, then your mind can fix the problem.”



The Best Way to Organize Is to Remove All First

At the moment I am in a reminiscing mood. This is an excerpt from my 2016 book Stand Tall. This was a fun example in removing everything to be organized. Back then I used to be such an overly logical person.

2.2 The best way to organize is to remove all first

In planning organization, clean everything out first and put back what you need. These things are what you see as fit to help you. Everything outside has equal rights to existing. If you pick something up and think it is not going to help you, then it does not go back.

First, you should clean out everything and make an empty space. Everything that you need including the parts that you are going to use will go back. You may have parts that do not have much of a group. You could then group them up in containers or boxes as well. This is a good method if your situation is looking a bit mixed up.

This method puts everything on an even footing outside of the original place. When we are talking about a cupboard drawer with many things, initially you may want to remove a few items that are obvious for moving to the trash.

Taking everything out and noticing what you have will allow you to give you a good plan of action with all those pieces. Everything at that point has an equal chance to stay or go.


Hope you find this helpful.


How I Deal with Anxiety

​Anxiety is a skill I don’t want!

Can’t you just imagine being alongside Captain America and Iron Man with a superpower of anxiousness?

Over time I have come to accept small spaces as not a fun place to be in. 

This came about 15 years ago when  I stepped into a fairly small elevator (half the normal size) and the feeling was something I had not felt before. It was strange with an odd feeling and also not knowing what I could do.

This came back later when I thought my fear of flying was the height issue, but no. The even wierder thing now is that because of knowing that I can fly better in the small cabin.

Calm breathing

I have felt anxious in cars and busses before but I thought it was impatience and as with the plane I can now control it better with knowing and feeling calm. 

Acceptance is key

I cannot change the size of the place nor should I get out, so now I breathe calmly and the fear subsides.

I have to say that it also explains my overly controlling nature of spaces at home. Open plan houses are heaven for me.

Heres my view at work which is very helpful to see nature.

Share your helpful experiences and lets talk.


Feel Good Friday!

Hope you are all gavjng a good Friday.Here are a few positive sayings that are good any day of the week.
Use what you have otherwise lose it.

Do something today that makes today better than yesterday.

Do something today that makes tomorrow better.

Let things go. Don’t hold on to things that are not helping you.

Make clarity and happiness in your life by being in command of yourself.


Know When to Call the Shots!

Feeling low, then don’t make a decision.
Feeling emotional, then also hold back.
Action is only key when it really counts!


Why Not Make Today a Day to Make Someone Else Happy

​When you see a friend, tell them how great they look and ask how have they been. If they dissagree with your kind words and don’t believe then it might be either time for the psychological hat or change of subject.

People might look at themselves and think they are not so good, but if you can convince them, then they would have a better day due to your influence. They will then appreciate being with you more and want to spend even more time with you.

A good way is to lead by example and if your friend or coleague looks at you and sees you looking to be in a right place then they will then believe you to be a great role model.

In Summary

Try putting it into into practice where you are able to help others to look good also. People need to feel good and you are now an area where you can help them. 

photo credit: Happiness is always a choice. You can’t wait for circumstances to get better. You have to create your own good fortune. So look for ways to be happy every day via photopin (license)


Let Everybody Know That You Are Here, Complete with New Goals and Fresh Outlook on Life

standtallKeep Your Head Up and STAND TALL!

I am very excited to let you all know that my first book is now available. Its taken eons to get this far. The proofing and structure had not been a walk in the park by any means.

So what can you find? Well this is a collection of over 200 quotes with many examples that I have collected over the years. The content comes from many experiences during traveling and working as a teacher in various places.

Preview first on

There are so much more inspirational bits than on this site. You can find:


Part 1 – Motivation and Happiness

The first five chapters are in quick fire succession with many small points to help with in your life that can be addressed quickly. They help raise questions in you about what and where you would like improvements.
1. Lifestyle and Character
2. Motivation and Passion
3. Priority and Direction
4. Decisions and Choices
5. Simplicity and Creativity

Part 2 – Lifestyle and Organizing

The second set of five chapters is more in depth. They cover deeper aspects in your life that need more focus. They come with more details, explanations and examples.
1. Success and Dreams
2. Life and Organizing
3. Choices and Opinions
4. Anger and Emotions
5. Earnings and Rewards


If you like what you see on my blog then you will like my book.

You can read a preview on Amazon now at


Top Five Tips to be Inspired and take on New Challenges

Its time to get some new inspiration!

Over the past 5 months, I have blogged about numerous topics in helping people but now I feel it needs a new angle. It is easy to make the same old styled top 10 tops etc.

I need to give my readers a newer and better challenge. As to what that is, depends on where to introduce new topics or not. The idea of inspiration is to have a new outlook and introduce new methods. Therefore, those ideas need a new source.

In addition, that leads to today’s dilemma, where can we find some. Here are some ideas:


1. Travel and see Places

See new cultures and iconic places. Go on vacation where the place has some history. Ignore going on a party or package holiday and live in another country.


2. Include your Friends

Talk to new and exciting people. Meeting people can help with some surprises in their experiences.


3. Pick up some new Hobbies

Take up new and fun activities. If you ever put off doing something fun as work was the priority, well this is the time to change that. Also ask friends what they do and you can do it together.


4. Go for a Walk

Simply take a walk and clear your head. This is so easy to do that there is no excuse to not do this anyway.


5. Get Organized

This may be hard work but clean out and refresh your workspace and home. Refreshing your home to be more productive can help your health and motivation so much better.


For myself I work from home so I love to get out and clear my head as I take a walk along the river. If I could do more often, then i would love to travel to new places.

I hope you can take some ideas in building inspiration from here, go on, and become inspired. Let me know how it goes.



photo credit: Natalie Goldberg This is your life. You are responsible for it. You will not live forever. Don’t wait via photopin (license)