​Simple Advice in Dealing With What the World Throws at You

Sometimes in life, we are dealt cruel and hard blows.

These mostly come when we are not expecting them. They can hurt us and sometimes question why we do things at all. However, we have to get back up, dust off the dirt and try again.

These times can make us challenge our beliefs. We have to question what is in our hearts and what is important to us. We need to know deep down that what we do is correct.

Sometimes problems can deviate away from what is good and honest in our lives and push us to places that we should not go.

We all get side tracked from time to time, from what we really want to do. As I said, we cannot plan for everything but we can be prepared.

One way to look at change in life is to think of the circles that we live in. Our characteristics in life come from the people around us. We have various and different influences to help us grow and improve. Those people are the ones we should talk to and help us understand what the best things to do are.

Here is a little exercise for you. Think of the 10 people you spend the most time with. If you have not heard of this activity already, what it means is that those 10 people make up whom you are. So, think about them for a moment, including their characteristics and what you admire.

When problems face us, the best thing to do is to get up and firstly accept the situation. You should look for positives in whatever you are facing. The small positive elements that you find work like toy building bricks in that over time those bricks build up to become something much bigger and so much more positive than previously thought.

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Let Everybody Know That You Are Here, Complete with New Goals and Fresh Outlook on Life.

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You Hold the Key to Inspiration. Now use it!

To be inspired, what does that mean to you?

I for one like to say I inspire others as I am a teacher. As a teacher my role is to give information in a constructive, fun and compelling way for the students to understand and retain. But to be inspired has to have certain traits and a mindset to be able to reach that place.

Inspiration is a place where we claim we can then achieve what we want. For students it is the time they accept and want to perform in whatever it is they are doing. It almost seems mythical and a spiritual place, but to say that to some would seem a little too trippy. But in a sense it is as we have to be willing to open our mind to a way of thinking and we arent always in that state of mind.

To describe the state of inspiration would start to sound spiritual as it includes moods and feelings and a state of almost bliss so we can then accept and think of the bigger picture. It is almost a case of losing focus to then gain focus in another relm.

And so why do we want to achieve this new place of epiphany? Can we not get things done in our normal way of thinking? Well actually not always and sometimes to see the bigger picture sometimes demands we look elsewhere for help and that is why inspiration is there to help you.


The conclusion so far is that now we can agree it is good to get things done with inspiration, which leads to the next question and that is how to achieve it?
I mentioned previously in another post about ways to get to that level and the main general idea about getting to the promised land is quite simply, escapism.

We need to break and get out of our current thinking to see something in another light, but it is not as easy as that because we cannot force ourselves to be inspired. So sadly it is almost like you are giving an invitation to mind hoping it accepts.

Let’s wrap up

And so to conclude about being inspired we need to work upon ourselves in reaching acceptance so then we have a chance of fulfilling and answering our initial problems. And as I have just said we need to give our minds a vacation from our current state and show new and enticing opportunities as well as experiencing new ways of thinking.

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A Little Known Way to be More Positive

How we deal with the positivity and negativity is what makes us.

Your decisions are always going to be touched by your emotions and that is natural. It happens to all of us. We cannot fully control emotions otherwise we would be classed as being robots. If we could lose emotions then where would be the greatness in our lives?

An example we all face

When you get up in the morning and you look out of the window and see sunshine. How do you feel? Most would feel good and want to see the world. What about if you get up in the morning and it’s cold, windy and raining? Would you want to go out and go to work or school?

Most often enough the environment changes our moods. For myself when I look out of the window in the morning and I either see rain, cloud, fog or it’s very windy and cold, then doesn’t affect how my day will be. To some this may seem strange but the environment is a natural occurrence.

To appreciate the environment as is I find this is a special thing. I’m shocked at people’s reaction sometimes when they say it’s a rainy day in their day is over. Some people cannot deal with bad weather. I would see the rain as a beautiful thing. Think of the positives in it and an example would be plants would then grow and the roads would become cleaner.

In that example the weather is something that happens and it is something that is uncontrollable but we seem to believe that it should be. Our lives go on with or without the weather, naturally, as it’s just an inconvenience. If it rains too much one day, then that should not affect your judgment and should not affect your emotions to the point of being almost depressed. Your emotions are there and you should be grateful that they are. But the problem is the level of emotion could become too negative in whatever situation.

So how do we stop being so negative in the face of a harder situation? Well we need to keep on attaching positive elements to the states that are in front of us. If you look at something in front of you that has chance of being negative, but you look for the positives in there, then the situation becomes nicer. Isn’t that a better a picture to have?

Let’s wrap up!

Things exist in our worlds that can be changed to a more positive outlook. I’m making positive changes too. I for one want to create positive and a clear environment and I think clarity is actually quite important part in this. If whatever you do hasn’t got clarity then how can the judgment be chosen correctly?

cover2Continue Your Positivity

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