Give Something the Respect it Deserves

Everybody has heard of the old cliché of life not being about the destination but about the journey. I have to say for my self that is not that easy. Why would we ignore the life learning adventures only to get somewhere and have no understanding or memories of how we got there? What about... Continue Reading →


​What Do You Do to Be Happy?

Let me ask you are you really happy with everything you do? We need to know, use and control happiness to expect to have it.  Putting it simply we need command of what we do. This can be in a super small action but gives us so much more if we are successful. We need... Continue Reading →

Live for the Moment! Don’t Wait for Tomorrow

For two long painstaking months I had not wrote anything and I could not even if I wanted.  The time taught me that to make something I had to be immersed into it but I was not.    ​Practice What you Preach! Sometimes we just don't follow our own words.   Bring on the Passion... Continue Reading →

Take a Moment…

If you feel you have nothing in your life, then think of those who are cold, lonely and have nowhere to live. If you feel your house is too small, then think of those in other countries that live in squalor with no water or electricity. If you feel your car is too old and... Continue Reading →

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