Just Wait for Clarity. It’s on it’s Way!

Sometimes things don’t go so well and I can say that’s not something that has passed me by.

Clarity is something we cannot demand on instantly like water from a tap, but we still do things any way we can. Saying that though it is not always the best policy.

So should we wait for the best time?

One thing that tells me when clarity has arrived is I usually say, “why didn’t you do it like that before?”

Hindsight is a wonderful thing if not for being totally useless. I say that in jest as it is something we cannot control and has the most perfect timing.

I see my self as a bit of an entrepreneur in that I like to try doing and making different things. Even with this blog I tried to make a gardening part but it did not fit. I tried a second WordPress blog and again it did not fit. I had a Facebook page for a long time but it felt the wrong media.
Finally I made a Tumblr page which seems the best fit… until next time. My reason is that WP doesn’t have the visual element as Tumblr does. WP is mostly text driven.

My latest garden blog:


And that’s my overall point in that we do things because we have limited research or knowledge on the topics and then make decisions with limited scope.

And Finally

My note to take away from this is not to be afraid of making a decision and also not to be afraid of change later.

photo credit: PeterThoeny Seriously serene serendipity via photopin (license)


Get the Kids in the Garden

My youngest has completely taken to the gardening life. He wants to cut the grass, cut old plants or to hoe the soil. My life has just got easier! 🙂

So I set about giving both my boys the task of sowing some seeds for radish, spinach and lettuce. These I chose as they are quick crops and the summer season is almost done.

With this I made some cloches to keep the soil warm a bit longer.


The first lesson for them was to make the drills for the seeds. Getting them NOT to make foot trenches was a challenge.


After that was the task of sparingly putting seeds into them.


Here’s my youngest hopefully covering gently the seeds.

And finally covering them in heavy plastic. It is quite surprising just how much hear they make.

I have to say this is a gamble considering the British weather. Yesterday for example was completely fogged out.

So in a week we will see if their work is successful 🙂

It’s time to make a new vegetable garden – Part 2

If you missed my earlier post, I was talking about a new venture in growing vegetables. I intend to grow enough to supply the family  as well as give the kids a good experience.

You can check out the earlier post in making a vegetable garden here.

So now after some long hot days I am pretty well exhausted. Its been tough. I wanted to get it done and set up quickly. It has been prepared well and now we can look forward to doing the easier part together.

Landscape designer time!

Today was a landscaping job. I had to move a fair piece of the lawn to the far side (no sunlight) which then gives me a much bigger space. If I had my way I would have taken more up, but where do the kids and dog play. I am sure I can squeeze some veg plants in somewhere.

The main problem I had to fix was what had been buried under the soil. If you look at the photos you can see a mound of rubble, but that’s not all as all the bricks that made the recycle box also came out. Why do people bury rubbish????


Exciting planning!

The plot so far can handle quite a lot. I will have 2 main beds with 4 to 5  parts per bed. It depends on what the family will eat so it can be changed to fit their needs. To put this in context we have a half row of spring onions already and there’s a chance it’s too much. It feels great to have a great chance to eat organic veg and homegrown as well.



Give Something the Respect it Deserves

Everybody has heard of the old cliché of life not being about the destination but about the journey.

I have to say for my self that is not that easy. Why would we ignore the life learning adventures only to get somewhere and have no understanding or memories of how we got there?

What about self achievement?
And so stop trying to finish things off and enjoy the process. Instead If I catch my self trying to finish things off then I stop and walk away.

Doing something deserves the proper time it needs.


photo credit: `James Wheeler Sunset Walkway via photopin (license)


What Inspires Us to Do the Things We Do?

I seem to speak about inspirational stuff in most of my posts about things that I’ve done or things that seem to trigger a curious streak within me but then I can ask to myself what inspires me.

I question this because it seems it’s an easy question as I write posts about similar things, but then to answer the question about what inspires me seems a lot more difficult almost the same kind question is when you have an interview so what is unique about yourself there’s also an insanely impossible question to answer maybe that is the reason

I think inspirational but what inspires me?

I read posts constantly from fellow bloggers and they have inspirational, motivational things in their lies and challenges aspirations.

So what can I do?

We all have activities, but what inspires us to do them?

  • Gardening
  • Sketches
  • Book writing
  • Travelling

I should lead more by example and not just explaining. I think this is now my inspirational moment to think of doing and not just being the teacher and so now I have a new mission as in what should what will make my inspirational journey more fulfilled.


My Australian Travel Book Is Now Free on Amazon for This Week


Hi faithful readers

I have a special announcement about my first novel/adventure book.

If you pick up a copy, may I ask for 5 star review please. I am a newish writer and I need help in getting known.

My Story

It took place in 2002 and centered around my lifelong mission to go Down Under. I stayed there for a year including a month in New Zealand. It was a dream come true and I wish I was back there now. It was truly life changing.


Special Times

It also included meeting a special person who later became my wife and mother of my 2 boys.

Thank you and enjoy!






How Well Can You Take Criticism?

It can come in some unexpected situations

I play for a local pool team of about 12 members in total including some good friends from school from over 20 years ago. We play in league 2 and currently sit mid table. Last night though we shocked the best team in the league with a 4-3 win. It was also a great night with it also being a home match. The score has usually been a 4-3 against in previous games.

As you can see from the post main photo we have a theme of wearing Hawaiian shirts. We are well known for this and to a point is quite clever in creating a team and not looking to pretentious and to look like we just want some fun. I am at the far left in the green shirt.

I have many years experience playing pool and snooker and I was on a winning streak, but it came to a halt against a very good player. I didn’t play any different, but I felt that all night that I couldn’t control the white ball. It seemed to go wherever it wanted.


Later in the night one friend said I have a poor routine in addressing the table. At first my thought was any help is welcome as I am a recent new addition to the team. But after a while it kept nagging at me how I could have a problem that serious for so long and never notice it. It was a bizarre fight in my head to understand I have a positive fix for something but then still be thinking how could I have been so wrong all that time.

Criticism is fine but…

I was so angry with myself and yet so happy to be given great praise and constructive help. What he gave me was a pre-shot routine. I think that is the real problem with criticism in that we believe we are correct in what we do, but sometimes we just need to listen and appreciate that others have out best interests at heart.


Gardening Day!

Been out in the garden hacking away at the early spring flowers that have passed. The design was of a meadow border that had a few different flowers but now its time for any seeds and small plants to come up for next year.

The aquilegia seed has set and so I cut the stalks and let them dry elsewhere.  I plan to reseed them with oriental poppiesas they have a much smaller window in the garden.

Apart from them I have thinned out the apple tree to 2 and 3 apples per group. It is a great cropper but I want better quality.

At the moment beetroot, chillies, carrots and spring onions are growing well.