Give Something the Respect it Deserves

Everybody has heard of the old clich√© of life not being about the destination but about the journey. I have to say for my self that is not that easy. Why would we ignore the life learning adventures only to get somewhere and have no understanding or memories of how we got there? What about... Continue Reading →


Flour Free Only Please

At what point do I state I don't eat flour? When or even why should it become common knowledge that there's a situation? I have seen first hand of a vegetarian who lived in a primarily meat driven society. He had problems in restaurants and with sharing foods as he could only have veggie only... Continue Reading →

What Inspires Us to Do the Things We Do?

I seem to speak about inspirational stuff in most of my posts about things that I've done or things that seem to trigger a curious streak within me but then I can ask to myself what inspires me. I question this because it seems it's an easy question as I write posts about similar things,... Continue Reading →

You Want Success? Great, Then Get Passionate!

Who ever wants success? I would say everyone, Yes? Next question: Do you want fulfillment? We would mostly agree as it seems a good thing to have. But our perception to be fulfilled is not as much as success. To have success without being fulfilled would leave us a little empty. So, how can we... Continue Reading →

10 Ways to Make Better Decisions

Too Many Decisions? Well I hope I can help you. You would think that the older you get makes your live easier to deal with, but I have to say, categorically it doesn't. Experience seems to count for nothing at times. And so I would like to make a fun list of how to make... Continue Reading →

So Far so Good

I am now into my second week at my new¬† job. I have to say the place is nice. The other teachers and workers are lovely to be with. It's a work in progress with it being a new building. We spend a fair majority interviewing new students. So far my previous material from teaching... Continue Reading →

Simple Tips to Be Prepared and Deal with the Future

I want to ask you, what really matters in life? The reason I ask is because these days many people seem distracted and their focus in life is misguided. The world is very materialistic and I for one have grown up in a house where there are many ornaments on shelves and in cabinets. My... Continue Reading →

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