Be Inspired and Keep on Writing Blogs and Books

‚ÄčIt’s great weather here in the UK right now. 

It’s  also been very inspiring too. My writing on the blog may have taken a week off but that does not mean I have been idle.

Focus has returned for me recently and with that I have managed to all but publish my 2nd ESL teaching book. I am finally happy with the new lessons and the content they use. As with my first book I promote English discussion with a modular lesson plan. It gas been incredibly  successful, so I guess that means a sequel should be made. So much so, I have another one drafted well too.

The reason I promote these models is because I see that ESL speakers need help in confidence and giving them a backbone with these lessons helps tremendously. 

For the past 3 months I have taught new students from new countries which have given me a more varied approach in teaching. This would include more focus pronunciation and more grammar.

But all the time I would focus on giving them confidence in speaking. 

How about you?

And so back to it. Let me know if you have any book projects on the go


Surprises Come in Many Forms

As the title suggests surprises appear when we least expect them, otherwise they would not be a surprise.

A question that comes to me is how exactly are they to surprise us.

I for one believe that what you do is who you are. If you live healthy then most time you should be healthy. There is always room to break any chances of well being.

The reason I bring this topic up is because I have been looking for a new job since coming back to the UK. It has been tough to get going with problems here and there, but fighting through and looking on has shown me the light at the end of the tunnel.

A company in Manchester reached out to me last week. They asked me to drop by and check out their small school. It is a nice place, a little compact but new and clean. Last Friday I went for the Open Day where I met the existing staff and some of the students who want to attend.

They all seemed lovely and that’s where a problem had arose. I saw a problem in me with not working for a while, which got me down. This then made the aspect of a surprise to get something after that time so much more. But looking at it, I was working during that time all be it on creating and promoting my profile. That in turn made it possible for them to find me.

On top of this…

If any teachers out there would in fact like some of my notes then you can find them on Amazon.
Advanced ESL Discussion for Adults and Teens

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So now I look to starting next week with a happy heart and lovely co workers. I now have to run through my old notes and ideas for these new students.

photo credit: USEmbassyPhnomPenh Information Resource Center (IRC) hosted a Christmas word game for English language beginners from American Intercon School. via photopin (license)