Find Your Inner Artist!

Now for some people drawing is up there as either a love or hate. Most of the people who dislike come from bad influences which has given them a horrible time. I will say it is a great tool for great inspirational output. And now, I have got back to something I have not done... Continue Reading →


Let Everybody Know That You Are Here, Complete with New Goals and Fresh Outlook on Life

Keep Your Head Up and STAND TALL! I am very excited to let you all know that my first book is now available. Its taken eons to get this far. The proofing and structure had not been a walk in the park by any means. So what can you find? Well this is a collection... Continue Reading →

Take a Look at Your Life by Applying for Jobs

Why does it take a job application to see your life? It's an interesting moment to be at right now. Ive been poked and prodded with boxes to fill demanded information from all parts of my life. Forgive me for being a bit flippant but the experience is more of a liberating experience. I have... Continue Reading →

20 Productivity Tips to Smash Open Your Creativity

Creativity is something that needs free-thinking; otherwise, there is an overburden of pressure to handle. Deadlines can affect your creativity too. They tend to create a process of, "get the goals completed" and then keep the ideas for next time. Creating is hard I know, as I have had to make my software and business... Continue Reading →

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