Enjoy the People That Are Around You

What if in life we aim for a place that we want but don't actually reach it? Is potential just a sad way of saying there is failure? Nobody wants a life hoping to under achieve, it's just all the other things that get in the way. Christmas for me has been something that got... Continue Reading →


Lesson of the Day: Reflection 

​Recently I've thought about the posts and information that I share on this blog and question really has it got longevity. What I mean by this is what does the future hold and is there one?  I see right now and my future being in two different places with different outlooks on life but therefore... Continue Reading →

Think ‘Quality First’ with no Time Management

​Imagine a world without time management gurus. Sounds wonderful! Time management has to be the biggest load of crock. There are impossible deadlines to reach and it simply makes your day feel bad because you failed the targets.  The quality of whatever you do should take priority, first and foremost. We need standards of quality,... Continue Reading →

Plan to Break Up Your Time

Let me start by asking for you to think about your day. Next, think about yesterday and then think about the past week. Have you used your time somewhat badly? Do you find yourself wasting time? Have people around you stole your time? Have you spent too much time doing the same tasks? Whats going... Continue Reading →

When You Have Plans, Prepare to Break Them

When you have a plan that needs to change, go ahead and change it. A rule you should have for plans is to stick with them even if it is an edited plan. You have to adhere to what you have. If you change, in accordance to something that you see works better, and then... Continue Reading →

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