People are ​What Matter in Life

I recently changed circles. My life had changed so much that I felt I did not know what to do or who I was. It truly was perplexing and stressful. I returned home to my old town which had a few changes but is mostly the same.

After 8 years the  major difference was that they had all got older. For me time had stopped in my town but for them many years had passed. They had new friends and families had changed with people missing and new arrivals. All of it I had missed.

During my period of transition one striking thing I noticed was just how kind and welcoming everyone is. It is so humbling as my time in Korea was a place I missed dearly.

What made it worse was my family were still there. Saying goodbye to my 2 sons was heartbreaking beyond anything Ive felt before. No one should have to experience that. It was so hard in fact that my head was not okay for over two weeks. I am a programmer who could not concentrate on a computer.

And that then built up even more stress. To pile on that I had jet lag for over a week and then I caught bronchitis. And to really make my time more wonderful I fell down the stairs injuring my shoulder and neck.

But on the plus side I have been to the doctors and I am all good.

When I planned to come here I had ideas and a schedule but that all took a back seat as I never planned for people and emotion. It was something that punched me clean in the gut and knocked me for six as in my head I wanted to be ready to take on anything instantly.

So after nearly 4 weeks I have finally got my focus back. That was mostly due to friends, neighbors and family being there with wonderful advice.
So when I ask what matters it is the people around me as they surprised me in many happy ways.  And now it is up to me to return the favor.

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Lesson of the Day: Reflection 

​Recently I’ve thought about the posts and information that I share on this blog and question really has it got longevity. What I mean by this is what does the future hold and is there one? 

I see right now and my future being in two different places with different outlooks on life but therefore does not therefore she thought that for a fact this blog and so with that I’ve been decided to analyze parts with in my life as the blog mostly is my journal of inspirational moments that I share to you all.

  • Achievement: results articulate educate
  • Timing: diligent timely structured
  • Challenges: ability competent methodical
  • People: respectful loyal cheerful
  • Personal: caring passionate ambitious

These are my core aspects of who I am and what I want to teach to people in my inspiration.

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After looking at these details I would say that over the 5 different areas my most difficult one to deal with is in fact the challenges. I would say that most times it is a little hazy and probably a bit misunderstood when explaining how something can be done and the methods of what I think are wanted but then other people that may not clearly understand what I want done and so to me that’s a difficult section to deal with right now.

And so taking challenges out of this, I can see that the in other sections I think I strive quite well. 

I see my timing as very clear and obtainable as my methods are something I pride myself on quite well. To have structure in my day and controlled by time is possibly at times maybe a little too controlling as I have a strict nature. 

If I have a time to do something more often than not I would actually be there earlier. I always see time as a possibility of surprises and so therefore to arrive early for meetings and such like is an aspect which I probably do quite well.

Personal is possibly my best it is something that I love to do and to care and be passionate about what I do. If there is no passion then how can there be any ambition?

Achievement is possibly a little difficult when in comparison to the challenges but they are less likely misunderstood. If the achievement is not obvious then it can be difficult but if it is obvious then the results and the nature of improving is infectious .

People is an area in my life that I see of one that is kind of new to me and is one that I am learning more and more each day as it’s not something that I initially thought of. People as always being kind of an enigma to me and so over the past few years I’ve learned I’d like to be more loyal to people and to have a cheerful personality to to them. Positivity and being respectful are elements I strive to reach in my life and now to be able to give that to other people is such a personal gain.

Your Input

If you have anything to add in these categories or you would like me to talk about a new category then right now is the perfect chance to get something involved I would love to get involved with new ones from you.

Whom do you Trust and who Trusts you?

​What makes trust? 

More importanly where does it come from? I have recently put trust under the spotlight as to what makes it and why is it sometimes a case of distrust. 

Earlier today I took a walk and I thought to myself, as someone walked past me, should they trust me? 

I look at myself and I am in good shape, I wear decent clothes and I carried water bottle, so I seemed to know how to care for myself. Why does face value not work for us all the time?

My question is what is trust to someone that would be simply walking by?

I recently had a discussion about trust with a few friends where I deduced that for them to trust someone in a working environment they needed to have some choice in the matter in choosing to interact with that person. An example of a chosen person would be a doctor or a chef. 

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A new category I did not think about before was a neutral ground. What this entailed were people such as teachers, or police where we have no option but to accept from to the system that they were trustworthy.

The bottom category included homeless people, strangers and politicians. I personally think MPs need some better profiling as they are in a stranded group. What makes it worse for them is they then want you to vote for them.

In Summary

So where does distrust come from?  Media has not helped much with its nationalist, religious and puerile ways. But we also have to include age and appearance that are different from our own. We live within similar environments to friends etc and so our circles stay small. The medicine here is to trust others and be open to new thinking.
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​Simple Advice in Dealing with What the World Throws at you

Sometimes in life, we are dealt with cruel and hard blows. 

These mostly come when we are not expecting them. They can hurt us and sometimes question why we do things at all. However, we have to get back up, dust off the dirt and try again.
These times can make us challenge our beliefs. We have to question what is in our hearts and what is important to us. We need to know deep down that what we do is correct.

Sometimes problems can deviate us away from what is good and honest in our lives and then push us to places where we should not go. We all get side tracked from time to time. As I said, we cannot plan for everything but we can be prepared.

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Who are we?

One way to look at change in life is to think of the circles that we live in. Think of the 10 people you spend the most time with. Those 10 people make up whom you are. So, think about them for a moment, including their characteristics and what you admire. 

Let’s wrap up.

When problems face us, the best thing to do is to firstly accept the situation. You should look for positives in whatever you are facing. The small positive elements that you find work like toy building bricks in that over time those bricks build up to become something much bigger and so much more positive than previously thought.

Our characteristics in life come from the people we spend the most time with. We have various and different influences to help us grow and improve. Those people are the ones we should talk to and help us understand what we should be doing.
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