Try a Different Perspective 

Recently I have been getting ready for my trip back to my home country of the UK. I plan to set up a new career after my eight years as an ESL teacher in South Korea.

What I have noticed was that all my small projects, in writing, development or whatever have become fragmented. Today I looked at all things that I have done and turned it all around.

Gone are the days of being an author or a developer as I now welcomed the subject to be the frontrunner.

What this means is I do not have to write a book for every topic nor do I need to make an Android app if they do not need one. It all becomes a case of letting each subject shine alone with its own qualities.

Take this blog, in the same subject I have written a book. I now plan to make a video course which before did not seem to fit.

And now…

My problem was to look at things and see them in the wrong light. Right now I have four projects that are much clearer than before.

photo credit: Tuomo Lindfors Hiljainen kansa via photopin (license)

Lesson of the Day: Reflection 

​Recently I’ve thought about the posts and information that I share on this blog and question really has it got longevity. What I mean by this is what does the future hold and is there one? 

I see right now and my future being in two different places with different outlooks on life but therefore does not therefore she thought that for a fact this blog and so with that I’ve been decided to analyze parts with in my life as the blog mostly is my journal of inspirational moments that I share to you all.

  • Achievement: results articulate educate
  • Timing: diligent timely structured
  • Challenges: ability competent methodical
  • People: respectful loyal cheerful
  • Personal: caring passionate ambitious

These are my core aspects of who I am and what I want to teach to people in my inspiration.

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After looking at these details I would say that over the 5 different areas my most difficult one to deal with is in fact the challenges. I would say that most times it is a little hazy and probably a bit misunderstood when explaining how something can be done and the methods of what I think are wanted but then other people that may not clearly understand what I want done and so to me that’s a difficult section to deal with right now.

And so taking challenges out of this, I can see that the in other sections I think I strive quite well. 

I see my timing as very clear and obtainable as my methods are something I pride myself on quite well. To have structure in my day and controlled by time is possibly at times maybe a little too controlling as I have a strict nature. 

If I have a time to do something more often than not I would actually be there earlier. I always see time as a possibility of surprises and so therefore to arrive early for meetings and such like is an aspect which I probably do quite well.

Personal is possibly my best it is something that I love to do and to care and be passionate about what I do. If there is no passion then how can there be any ambition?

Achievement is possibly a little difficult when in comparison to the challenges but they are less likely misunderstood. If the achievement is not obvious then it can be difficult but if it is obvious then the results and the nature of improving is infectious .

People is an area in my life that I see of one that is kind of new to me and is one that I am learning more and more each day as it’s not something that I initially thought of. People as always being kind of an enigma to me and so over the past few years I’ve learned I’d like to be more loyal to people and to have a cheerful personality to to them. Positivity and being respectful are elements I strive to reach in my life and now to be able to give that to other people is such a personal gain.

Your Input

If you have anything to add in these categories or you would like me to talk about a new category then right now is the perfect chance to get something involved I would love to get involved with new ones from you.

​Decisions: Be Inspired, not Impulsive

I make decisions when times are made clear. 

If I did not then the percentage of errors may increase. Impulsive living isn’t everything.
One problem with making decisions occurs when we cannot wait and decisions need to be made quicker. I have used a solution to speed up slightly in the whole process and that involves inspiration. 

Now inspiration is in its own form is a complex and sometimes random state which can be hard to use as a tool. That should not deter you from what it can do.

Put simply, inspiration can be achieved when we are at peace and have tranquil thoughts. This may be swimming at the beach, walking in the country or simply reading a book.

We do need to wait for times to become clearer, but we can speed up the process by slowing down our minds processing.

Pride yourself on not making a decision until you are ready. 

​Take a Break, Step back and Stop Making Errors

As challenges go in our daily life, some are easy and some are hard. 

We see challenges in the most mundane and trivial of places that are mostly unnecessary. We perform this way because it is how we fill our day with trivial things but they become bigger until they become untenable. Why should we be running with these things?

photo credit: 藍川芥 aikawake Crying Girl via photopin (license)

I am also to blame for these miniscule efforts, but in my mind they are not so and are bigger. In fact they feel like life-changing and yet when those little problems get completed the effect is almost an anti-climax.  It’s like I am waiting for something like a surprise reward but would never happen. 

I question if we should do these things where we over stimulate a subject to the degree of almost guaranteeing disappointment upon completion.

My point comes from my feeling recently that I’m making mistakes in my various situations. My feeling has kind of questioned am I doing the right things?

My reasons

I questioned this because I have a method in my life all this something is difficult to make a good clear decision then I will not choose but do them later when they can be achieved. So far I felt I have more clarity in the decisions I’ve made but some decisions still not being satisfactory. 

Its a work in progress, I guess.
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Know when to Take a Break as Your Body Will Thank you

Recently, my computer broke.

It seems right now as the best ting to happen to me as I feel mentally tired. It’s like I have been running on auto pilot. When on the computer, I would always be thinking and doing either writing or mostly coding.

I now go to bed early and get up at around 6:30 and then rest and relax when I can work out what to do. This has for such a long time not been my schedule. Waking up in the morning and hearing the birds singing and with a cool summer breeze blowing is so magical.

A strange effect I did not expect was that just recently I took 4 minutes of my PB for 10km. I could keep going much more than I usually could as my energy had a welcomed boost.

I feel tired mentally, but it’s getting better. I have pushed and pushed for so long that normality has become a distant memory.

In Summary

The lesson here is that less is most definitely more especially at night as your body will thank you for it. I actually feel like I am on vacation in my own mind.