Garden Work is Never Done even in the Colder Months

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Let it snow so long as cloches are on

Its winter and the white stuff that children love is falling.

The problem with that is what can happen in the garden. Click below to read more on my garden blog.

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An exciting change!

Its time to split!

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Time to get ready for next years vegetables

Well its almost the end of the growing season in the UK and its now time to work out what to setup for next year.

The vegetable garden has been created for only two months and it has just been expanded. I recently built a new stone wall retainer which meant I had the perfect chance to redesign the existing banking nearby to the existing veg plot.

And so now I have the dilemma of what and also how much should I grow for the family.

The way I see it we need the staple produce, but to produce them for all year would be impossible, so with that in mind I should grow special crops.

This means also that I could get early crops considering how much more expensive the early crops are in the stores.

Home-grown veg is always so much better tasting, but special cash crops are the way to go.

I would initially choose courgettes, garlic, peas, beans, beetroot, chillies, spring onions for a start at least.

20171112_113624941311943.jpgGarlic is something to do right now to get it ready for later next year. I have grown it before and I can say it was so much more flavourful compare to the stores.

I have radishes in the ground right now and I think it is time for the cloches to be on at night.


Get the Kids in the Garden

My youngest has completely taken to the gardening life. He wants to cut the grass, cut old plants or to hoe the soil. My life has just got easier! 🙂

So I set about giving both my boys the task of sowing some seeds for radish, spinach and lettuce. These I chose as they are quick crops and the summer season is almost done.

With this I made some cloches to keep the soil warm a bit longer.


The first lesson for them was to make the drills for the seeds. Getting them NOT to make foot trenches was a challenge.


After that was the task of sparingly putting seeds into them.


Here’s my youngest hopefully covering gently the seeds.

And finally covering them in heavy plastic. It is quite surprising just how much hear they make.

I have to say this is a gamble considering the British weather. Yesterday for example was completely fogged out.

So in a week we will see if their work is successful 🙂


Summer is coming to an end

With my children enjoying there first day in their new school, it marks the end of the summer and the start of the new school year along with colder nights.

Yesterday I was up early and noticed the amount of morning dew around the garden.

The dew drops look like little jewels covering everything in sight.


It’s time to make a new vegetable garden – Part 2

If you missed my earlier post, I was talking about a new venture in growing vegetables. I intend to grow enough to supply the family  as well as give the kids a good experience.

You can check out the earlier post in making a vegetable garden here.

So now after some long hot days I am pretty well exhausted. Its been tough. I wanted to get it done and set up quickly. It has been prepared well and now we can look forward to doing the easier part together.

Landscape designer time!

Today was a landscaping job. I had to move a fair piece of the lawn to the far side (no sunlight) which then gives me a much bigger space. If I had my way I would have taken more up, but where do the kids and dog play. I am sure I can squeeze some veg plants in somewhere.

The main problem I had to fix was what had been buried under the soil. If you look at the photos you can see a mound of rubble, but that’s not all as all the bricks that made the recycle box also came out. Why do people bury rubbish????


Exciting planning!

The plot so far can handle quite a lot. I will have 2 main beds with 4 to 5  parts per bed. It depends on what the family will eat so it can be changed to fit their needs. To put this in context we have a half row of spring onions already and there’s a chance it’s too much. It feels great to have a great chance to eat organic veg and homegrown as well.



It’s time to make a new vegetable garden!

Hi everyone, I took a little break over the past month with writing as I was getting ready for my family to move to me in the UK.

I haven’t been with my wife and 2 sons since last November. It has been tough apart. They have a school setup which I have seen and I am very happy with. I have been busy making their transition better. And part of that was to create a vegetable garden.

When we were together in South Korea we grew various plants on our balcony. Its such a valuable education for children. I remember my childhood with great memories with my grandfather who had a greenhouse and veg plot. And so its now my turn to give them the inspiring memories with their own garden in England.

More veg Please!

First I decreased the plants that were here by thinning out, splitting and carefully choosing places that give color and feature throughout the year. At the moment the places weren’t used well. I also removed some that gave it an early autumnal feel as some looked as though the summer was over.  This then creates much more space for the actual plot.  In theory we should have enough for plenty different vegetables to grow.  I will take a large rectangle of grass from the right and place along the fence as the sun doesn’t fall there.

Gardens should be social and practical. For most its the biggest room you have, so why not make it so.


I also created a designated compost area (top right). I believe that when we cut plants down they should be recycled and not thrown in the bin as the energy from that plant would be lost.



Welcome to my Jungle!

As you can see the grass and weeds are out of control and will ALL have to be removed. If I question doing this, I just think of my boys and I am back to it. Its hard on the back and legs doing all this.

There is a fair bit of space to use and should give us lots of food throughout the year. Its also a great way to save money. The amount we spend on food would reduce when this gets running.

Another challenge is to find things to grow and harvest next spring.

Back to the digging!