Get the Kids in the Garden

My youngest has completely taken to the gardening life. He wants to cut the grass, cut old plants or to hoe the soil. My life has just got easier! 🙂 So I set about giving both my boys the task of sowing some seeds for radish, spinach and lettuce. These I chose as they are quick... Continue Reading →


Summer is coming to an end

With my children enjoying there first day in their new school, it marks the end of the summer and the start of the new school year along with colder nights. Yesterday I was up early and noticed the amount of morning dew around the garden. The dew drops look like little jewels covering everything in... Continue Reading →

It’s time to make a new vegetable garden – Part 2

If you missed my earlier post, I was talking about a new venture in growing vegetables. I intend to grow enough to supply the family  as well as give the kids a good experience. You can check out the earlier post in making a vegetable garden here. So now after some long hot days I... Continue Reading →

It’s time to make a new vegetable garden!

Hi everyone, I took a little break over the past month with writing as I was getting ready for my family to move to me in the UK. I haven't been with my wife and 2 sons since last November. It has been tough apart. They have a school setup which I have seen and... Continue Reading →

An unknown visitor

Hi everyone. This is a short post with a query. A plant has grown up in my garden very quickly and I was wondering if anyone knew what it was. I thought it maybe an egg plant / aubergine. Any help would be appreciated 🙂

Gardening with Egg Shells – Update

I have recently tried a couple of small projects in the garden. I intend at some point later to upscale and go full on kitchen garden. I have been watching eagerly the progress of growing chillies. A problem I have is the less than appealing temperatures. I am testing and as for the future it... Continue Reading →

Be Inspired and Keep on Writing Blogs and Books

​It's great weather here in the UK right now.  It's  also been very inspiring too. My writing on the blog may have taken a week off but that does not mean I have been idle. Focus has returned for me recently and with that I have managed to all but publish my 2nd ESL teaching... Continue Reading →

Time for Change and Move On. Make Way for Progression

I was recently walking through the streets in Manchester UK, when I saw a large building being demolished.  It was like a scene from the Avengers movie with a huge hole in a once sturdy building.  I thought why on Earth would they destroy something that has so much history and character? The problem with... Continue Reading →

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