Its Time to Clear Out and Start Fresh!

Yay we are in a new year and what better time than to give your life a new approach.

If you are feeling weighed down with burdens from your self then it’s time to find out if you really need to do them.

Sometimes we give ourselves things to do in believing they are necessary for our progression to a better life. I am guilty of this with many side projects over the years.

Ask yourself, if you stopped whatever you were doing and never did it again, would your life be better or worse?

If that’s tough to answer then look at it to then filter your life and do something else. What other cool things could you be doing?

Be thankful to Others

​Over recent times, the word ‘teacher’ has become replaced with ‘edutainer’. 

What we are to the students is someone to practice speaking and build their confidence. Kids now have to leave the classroom with a smile on their face. Discussion is more about confidence and having a flow rather than correctness.

I have for the past eight years been working in South Korea. My background includes being a qualified ESL teacher with TESOL certifications.  The true education however, comes from the students.

2014 academy

There are many students that have helped me become a better helper, and I would say that in my life there have been some true gems that inspired me to be better in ways I never knew were possible. Those students changed my outlook and vision to be now in a completely new ballpark. 

2010 gifted kids
To those students, to say thank you is simply just not enough as they are almost like family. They will always be special to me. 

Thank you Korea for eight wonderful years.

Lesson of the Day: Reflection 

​Recently I’ve thought about the posts and information that I share on this blog and question really has it got longevity. What I mean by this is what does the future hold and is there one? 

I see right now and my future being in two different places with different outlooks on life but therefore does not therefore she thought that for a fact this blog and so with that I’ve been decided to analyze parts with in my life as the blog mostly is my journal of inspirational moments that I share to you all.

  • Achievement: results articulate educate
  • Timing: diligent timely structured
  • Challenges: ability competent methodical
  • People: respectful loyal cheerful
  • Personal: caring passionate ambitious

These are my core aspects of who I am and what I want to teach to people in my inspiration.

photo credit: The Urban Scot 43/100 Magda via photopin (license)

After looking at these details I would say that over the 5 different areas my most difficult one to deal with is in fact the challenges. I would say that most times it is a little hazy and probably a bit misunderstood when explaining how something can be done and the methods of what I think are wanted but then other people that may not clearly understand what I want done and so to me that’s a difficult section to deal with right now.

And so taking challenges out of this, I can see that the in other sections I think I strive quite well. 

I see my timing as very clear and obtainable as my methods are something I pride myself on quite well. To have structure in my day and controlled by time is possibly at times maybe a little too controlling as I have a strict nature. 

If I have a time to do something more often than not I would actually be there earlier. I always see time as a possibility of surprises and so therefore to arrive early for meetings and such like is an aspect which I probably do quite well.

Personal is possibly my best it is something that I love to do and to care and be passionate about what I do. If there is no passion then how can there be any ambition?

Achievement is possibly a little difficult when in comparison to the challenges but they are less likely misunderstood. If the achievement is not obvious then it can be difficult but if it is obvious then the results and the nature of improving is infectious .

People is an area in my life that I see of one that is kind of new to me and is one that I am learning more and more each day as it’s not something that I initially thought of. People as always being kind of an enigma to me and so over the past few years I’ve learned I’d like to be more loyal to people and to have a cheerful personality to to them. Positivity and being respectful are elements I strive to reach in my life and now to be able to give that to other people is such a personal gain.

Your Input

If you have anything to add in these categories or you would like me to talk about a new category then right now is the perfect chance to get something involved I would love to get involved with new ones from you.

20 Successful Business Tips

​Business is tough especially if you are carrying the company.

I have for a few years run my own English academy. The management was difficult at times as you need to constantly deal with customers and keep them happy. That was really hard as I was working in a demanding sector. If you are involved in business in some way or other then this list of inspirational quotes will help in focussing your efforts. 

20 Successful Business Tips

1 20% effort 80% result is wher it counts.

2 Be focused and have a strong structure in place.

3 Dont use bloated and over engineered tools. Use something only for the job in hand.

4 What impact have your actions made?

5 Success has arrived when you say “I wish this had happened earlier.”

6 understand your customer by being that person.

7 Keep testing as there is always room for improvement.

8 Fing your target market by putting a face and a name to them.

9 Treat customers as individuals with their own individual needs.

10 Use your personal brand as it is who you are. Chances other companies haven’t pushed themselves.

11 Don’t think of bargains, think of good value.

12 Don’t forget the small things as what your customer sees represents you and your company.

13 Look at your company from the outside. Is it complicated to understand?

14 Be genuine and show enthusiasm, customers will thank you for it!

15 If you feel out of control and blinded, try to achieve a smaller focus on surrounding issues.

16 How much are you worth to you?

17 Copy first, original ideas come later.

18 Plan and make priorities.

19 Do what you think is right today. If tomorrow is bad then at least you can look back to a good day.

20 Make people feel special. Give them a personal and private experience.

Please leave your comments and any other tips that would be helpful.


photo credit: Montreal Chinatown at Night via photopin (license)