Give Something the Respect it Deserves

Everybody has heard of the old cliché of life not being about the destination but about the journey.

I have to say for my self that is not that easy. Why would we ignore the life learning adventures only to get somewhere and have no understanding or memories of how we got there?

What about self achievement?
And so stop trying to finish things off and enjoy the process. Instead If I catch my self trying to finish things off then I stop and walk away.

Doing something deserves the proper time it needs.


photo credit: `James Wheeler Sunset Walkway via photopin (license)


Backpacked Australian Journey – Book Readings 3 and 4

Heres post 2 in my mini series with me reading the first chapter of my Australia Travel book. There will be more over the next few days. Each is only 10 minutes so not too much.

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Backpacked Australian Journey – Book Readings 3 and 4



My Australian Travel Book Is Now Free on Amazon for This Week

Hi faithful readers

I have a special announcement about my first novel/adventure book.

If you pick up a copy, may I ask for 5 star review please. I am a newish writer and I need help in getting known.

My Story

It took place in 2002 and centered around my lifelong mission to go Down Under. I stayed there for a year including a month in New Zealand. It was a dream come true and I wish I was back there now. It was truly life changing.


Special Times

It also included meeting a special person who later became my wife and mother of my 2 boys.

Thank you and enjoy!






How I Deal with Anxiety

​Anxiety is a skill I don’t want!

Can’t you just imagine being alongside Captain America and Iron Man with a superpower of anxiousness?

Over time I have come to accept small spaces as not a fun place to be in. 

This came about 15 years ago when  I stepped into a fairly small elevator (half the normal size) and the feeling was something I had not felt before. It was strange with an odd feeling and also not knowing what I could do.

This came back later when I thought my fear of flying was the height issue, but no. The even wierder thing now is that because of knowing that I can fly better in the small cabin.

Calm breathing

I have felt anxious in cars and busses before but I thought it was impatience and as with the plane I can now control it better with knowing and feeling calm. 

Acceptance is key

I cannot change the size of the place nor should I get out, so now I breathe calmly and the fear subsides.

I have to say that it also explains my overly controlling nature of spaces at home. Open plan houses are heaven for me.

Heres my view at work which is very helpful to see nature.

Share your helpful experiences and lets talk.


Feel Good Friday!

Hope you are all gavjng a good Friday.Here are a few positive sayings that are good any day of the week.
Use what you have otherwise lose it.

Do something today that makes today better than yesterday.

Do something today that makes tomorrow better.

Let things go. Don’t hold on to things that are not helping you.

Make clarity and happiness in your life by being in command of yourself.


​What Do You Do to Be Happy?

Let me ask you are you really happy with everything you do?
We need to know, use and control happiness to expect to have it. 

Putting it simply we need command of what we do. This can be in a super small action but gives us so much more if we are successful.

We need to gain personal appreciation in what we do otherwise why do the things we do?


It’s Time to Clear out and Start Fresh!

Yay we are in a new year and what better time than to give your life a new approach.

If you are feeling weighed down with burdens from your self then it’s time to find out if you really need to do them.

Sometimes we give ourselves things to do in believing they are necessary for our progression to a better life. I am guilty of this with many side projects over the years.

Ask yourself, if you stopped whatever you were doing and never did it again, would your life be better or worse?

If that’s tough to answer then look at it to then filter your life and do something else. What other cool things could you be doing?


It has Been a Good Year in Blogging!

Wow! I just received a message from WordPress telling me this blog is 1 year old. That’s quite amazing to be honest.

I just want to say thank you for all ‘Subscribers and Likers’ who have come my way. It has been great to see your sites as well.

Hope you all have a Happy New Year!

Nigel Openshaw