Gardening day!

Been out in the garden hacking away at the early spring flowers that have passed. The design was of a meadow border that had a few different flowers but now its time for any seeds and small plants to come up for next year. The aquilegia seed has set and so I cut the stalks... Continue Reading →

​Goals are not Enough

Thinking of the future events is simply not enough as we need to put it all into action. you cannot expect it will happen because you just thought about it. The problem then falls and so do you. This is then the time that your goal fails. So first give yourself guidelines to producing. photo... Continue Reading →

Feel good Friday!

Hope you are all gavjng a good Friday.Here are a few positive sayings that are good any day of the week. Use what you have otherwise lose it. Do something today that makes today better than yesterday. Do something today that makes tomorrow better. Let things go. Don't hold on to things that are not... Continue Reading →

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