Birds in the Garden

Most times in the garden when we see animals we think of the chance of damage and this is not always the case as recently I've been sitting there watching the birds that would come in. They would stroll around the garden eating the bugs and anything they find in the garden which to me... Continue Reading →


Kitchen Garden Photos

Here's some photos I took of the established vegetables around the garden. The plum tree is kicking in well. It came as a dry root plant which makes this a great start. Strawberries below are now in bud. I should cut the flowers off to make stronger plants but I don't┬áthink the kids would appreciate... Continue Reading →

It’s Been Great Spring Weather… So Far

Here's an update from my kitchen garden for May 2018 The weather has improved well if not too well. I have seeds of various crops started early in the mini greenhouse from last month. Recently the two bag system is working really well. The first bag I created held just lettuce. These have since been... Continue Reading →

Spring has Sprung

And complete with some new surprises. I guess they are not really surprises but what I should say is they are old relics which now resurfaced after about 8 to 10 years. Tulips and anenomies which had seemed long gone, but for some strange reason decided to start growing it again after such a long... Continue Reading →

Gardening Project – A Mini Greenhouse

A while ago I did have a greenhouse which did stand quite nicely at 12 foot long but then after a huge storm through the UK the entire thing was crushed to nothing which stand left me with lot of broken glass. What I have here is a simple little greenhouse that I am made... Continue Reading →

I’ve been Robbed!

Growing up in my kitchen garden were some french beans. They were taking their time due to the cold weather, but all that stopped when they poked their heads up and some eagerly impulsive neighbours ate them. I am talking about some pesky birds who saw an easy lunch or breakfast. This hasn't happened to... Continue Reading →

Growing Vegetables: 10 Top Tips to get Started!

We all buy veg, but what if you could harvest your own? Are you starting to get into growing vegetables this year then here are 10 tips to get that attempt more successful. 1. Sow in intervals Growing a mass crop of carrots will leave you with too much but growing in smaller monthly stints... Continue Reading →

A Day in the Garden

And there was me thinking I was creating a veggie garden. The kids thought otherwise. They now have a running track. It should create a few beds - 16 in total, which means a large variety of foods. I've created an excel schedule and the question now is will it come to fruition?

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