Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – Finally I have a Diagnosis!

Today was an interesting day as I finally got a definite answer about my tiredness. I have been feeling off for many years and now I know for certain.
I met a specialist who asked me a varied mix of questions covering symptoms and situations as well as lifestyle.

I got the news that I have CFS – chronic fatigue syndrome.

My symptoms cover: poor sleep, aches, poor memory and concentration, stomach pains, racing heart and that’s all on a good day, Ha!

It’s nice to know I’m not crazy in thinking something is wrong when all the tests proved good. She explained it as all organs are working, just not together.

photo credit: sjrankin Sleepy Tigger via photopin (license)

Boom and Bust!

In feeling the way we do she explained that we are starving the body of exercise in order to keep energy for later. The problem there is we cant then get going later. I had this feeling of constantly running on 30% battery and so to save it for emergency seemed the right thing to do.

Next comes the confusing activity of keeping moving when I get tired. There’s a challenge!

Later I will get a session with someone to help sync and create routine. This is not a quick fix and can take a long time to get right, it at all.

Reference for CFS sufferers:

She was really nice and in fact she has a website along with a pdf explaining what CFS and ME are.So if anyone you know has this also then tell them about her as she has many years experience on this.


Just Wait for Clarity. It’s on it’s Way!

Sometimes things don’t go so well and I can say that’s not something that has passed me by.

Clarity is something we cannot demand on instantly like water from a tap, but we still do things any way we can. Saying that though it is not always the best policy.

So should we wait for the best time?

One thing that tells me when clarity has arrived is I usually say, “why didn’t you do it like that before?”

Hindsight is a wonderful thing if not for being totally useless. I say that in jest as it is something we cannot control and has the most perfect timing.

I see my self as a bit of an entrepreneur in that I like to try doing and making different things. Even with this blog I tried to make a gardening part but it did not fit. I tried a second WordPress blog and again it did not fit. I had a Facebook page for a long time but it felt the wrong media.
Finally I made a Tumblr page which seems the best fit… until next time. My reason is that WP doesn’t have the visual element as Tumblr does. WP is mostly text driven.

My latest garden blog:

And that’s my overall point in that we do things because we have limited research or knowledge on the topics and then make decisions with limited scope.

And Finally

My note to take away from this is not to be afraid of making a decision and also not to be afraid of change later.

photo credit: PeterThoeny Seriously serene serendipity via photopin (license)

Garden Work is Never Done even in the Colder Months

Just letting you all know theres a new post over on my newer kitchen garden blog.


Let it snow so long as cloches are on

Its winter and the white stuff that children love is falling.

The problem with that is what can happen in the garden. Click below to read more on my garden blog.

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An exciting change!

Its time to split!

I have created a new blog just for the kitchen garden. It has grown quite literally too big for an inspirational blog, so I made a new one.

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Time to get ready for next years vegetables

Well its almost the end of the growing season in the UK and its now time to work out what to setup for next year.

The vegetable garden has been created for only two months and it has just been expanded. I recently built a new stone wall retainer which meant I had the perfect chance to redesign the existing banking nearby to the existing veg plot.

And so now I have the dilemma of what and also how much should I grow for the family.

The way I see it we need the staple produce, but to produce them for all year would be impossible, so with that in mind I should grow special crops.

This means also that I could get early crops considering how much more expensive the early crops are in the stores.

Home-grown veg is always so much better tasting, but special cash crops are the way to go.

I would initially choose courgettes, garlic, peas, beans, beetroot, chillies, spring onions for a start at least.

20171112_113624941311943.jpgGarlic is something to do right now to get it ready for later next year. I have grown it before and I can say it was so much more flavourful compare to the stores.

I have radishes in the ground right now and I think it is time for the cloches to be on at night.


Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today

I haven’t released many posts recently. I have been writing though, but they haven’t made it to this page.

I guess I should practice what I preach and stop saving notes and start making posts.


Be in Control!

I heard this the other day from a motivational video I watched.

“If your mind created the problem, then your mind can fix the problem.”