Hi, I’m Nigel and I’m the writer here. If you are here then either you are a friend of mine or you are in need of guidance. This blog hosts many interesting and inspiring posts. The posts come from many aspects in my life that I want to share with you.

And there’s more!

Apart from the posts you can also find apps and books made by myself purely as a hobby.


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Safari Live Chat

View live animals in their natural environment at Kruger National Park, SA.

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If you want to read more about the topics in this blog then click below to read my books.

Keep Your Head Up and Stand Tall!

”Let Everybody Know That You Are Here, Complete with New Goals and Fresh Outlook on Life.”

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I like to see life as positive as I kind make it. Sometimes that’s not possible but we have to try to gain positives in what we do. So, here I shall share many articles, some small and some long covering motivation, time management, clarity and much more.

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