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​Let Me Tell You a Story

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Want to be successful? 
Then see people as someone to help not to sell. Would you want to listen to a sales pitch or a good story?

The end goal would be the same but the feeling is what is important. Curiosity and visual reception is aroused with a story.

My example

Let me explain and put this to the test (hopefully).

What if I said:

I have a book for 13 US dollars where I guide you through my journey in Australia. Not really apealling as its a sales pitch.

But what if I then said:

I had a truly life changing experience in Australia for a year where I met my future wife as we travelled together. Possible romance story, maybe interesting to some. Still little detail on emotions.

So how about:

Let me take you on a journey to discover places you would normally miss. My travels we full of fun times, amazing wildlife, the occasional painful story and most of all the start of a loving relationship that has lasted for 12 years.

If you are curious by the way its available at:





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