Go Back to What You Know Best and Don’t Give Up!

I seemed to have a block in writing for about 3 months and I needed to take action
Occasionally, we may head in a direction which is not where we should be. The problem then becomes how to get back on track. And the short answer to that is to replicate what came before.

Look back to when there was happiness and see why so
We need to know when to stop doing something, but most times we don’t. We keep going aimlessly hoping it will get better, but sad to say it just gets worse.

Look to within to create your world that is without
Looking back on what came before is not an excuse of sticking to the past, but to see and embrace what makes you most happiest.

I have not written on this blog for a while and all the time I didn’t I knew it was sitting dormant. But as I said I looked back at those times when I wrote before and how I felt then and now I have a new source of inspiration.

If a journey you take seems lost then return to a previous point of clarity and try again.



4 thoughts on “Go Back to What You Know Best and Don’t Give Up!

  1. True. We all get the block, and sometimes a break is good. Welcome back.

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    1. Thanks 🙂 I just wish I intended to have a break. I was more forced onto me than I would have liked.

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      1. There is benefit in everything, and sometimes we just can’t see it. You’re back now, so don’t worry about the past – the past is gone. TC Regards Bella

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      2. Yes. Sometimes we are so blind to the obvious. I hope that empty nothingness never comes back. Thanks Bella!

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