Get on Your bike! It is Good for Health.

​It is now September and the summer heat has reduced. 

During the summer I would readily ride my bike outside doing 40K a week in smaller intervals with the mission of speed. 

Bike for sale, one not so careful owner. 🙂

At that time it was purely for exercise and I would be in the same location and pushing my ability more and more each time, but now the temperature has dropped and my health is at a happy and acceptable level I find now it should be more of a traveling time. 

So far this month I have done two 20km and two 30km rides and it’s been wonderful to be out in a cooler sun and to enjoy the end of summer. I ride around mostly in the countryside along the rivers as there are wonderful bike tracks that follow along the edges wherever they may flow. 

A bike track 12km from home.

I also see and chat to other riders as I go along. People chat and ask simple questions such as where are you from , how often do you go out cycling and aslo comparing bikes. I find it interesting to talk to complete strangers as we are brought together with something in common.


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