To Give Up Is a Fail, But to Continue Would Be Progress

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This is not a pig-headed approach, but one that means you accept something and try doing it another way. To throw it all in the bin would be a total waste of time.

Some things go wrong and do not work, and we have to accept those. The question to ask is, how powerful is your self-esteem and drive.

ch01-seg01-article02For instance, you are doing a promotion on a new book. When it is complete, it is then a case of how and where do you go to promote it? You go to a local bookstore. You see the owner, and they might say, ‘Sorry we are not accepting new books at the moment.’ How do you feel? For some that will be a personal fail.

How can you get around this? You need a better approach to your strategy.

Furthermore, you have to take away the personal element and think of the experience in the shop as an ‘it’ and not a ‘you’. The goal was not reached, and that method did not work, so find other ways to complete. You have to keep trying to find what will bring success.

Author: Nigel

Author of the Urban Kitchen Garden (


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