Gardening with Egg Shells – Update

I have recently tried a couple of small projects in the garden. I intend at some point later to upscale and go full on kitchen garden.

I have been watching eagerly the progress of growing chillies. A problem I have is the less than appealing temperatures. I am testing and as for the future it leaves a few plants with a more concrete plan in needing more heat.

As for now I have made 2 test pots, one with just chillies and one with added egg shells.

I have heard before they can help to be good at repelling slugs and snails. I also wanted to test the power of nutrients from them too.


The picture shows a clear difference in height for the ones with. Granted there maybe other factors as well but right now its clear to me egg shells can work as a organic fertilizer.

If in Doubt, Talk to Friends for Advice

I have a bad habit of putting things down before they have begun. I am ready many times to stop something with the mindset of it will fail.

Being a tad pessimistic is something I know I am and so it becomes a double edge sword. On one side it can help you to push you into being more positive, but then it can put you into a place that you are unfamiliar with and so judgment can become clouded.

But with that there is one way to fix all and that is to talk to friends. It’s an easy fix in theory, but for many people who have pride or are not that social then it can have it’s difficulties.

The Best Remedy – don’t think about it and just do it!

What can happen apart from maybe a bit of embarrassment if what you are doing in their eyes is wrong or just strange. Friends advice would be more honest than a total stranger.

I need YOUR HELP with referrers

I have been looking at my stats recently only to notice that 99% of referrers are from the Reader.

blog2The problem I see with that is they don’t see the real website as they live in the RSS feeder.

Another problem with that is the instant ‘like’ button, which I cannot for the life of me work out why people would like without even reading our head worked posts.

So my question to you is my 99% similar to the rest of you or do you have other places where your viewers come from?

All help is welcome

The Best Way to Organize Is to Remove All First

At the moment I am in a reminiscing mood. This is an excerpt from my 2016 book Stand Tall. This was a fun example in removing everything to be organized. Back then I used to be such an overly logical person.

2.2 The best way to organize is to remove all first

In planning organization, clean everything out first and put back what you need. These things are what you see as fit to help you. Everything outside has equal rights to existing. If you pick something up and think it is not going to help you, then it does not go back.

First, you should clean out everything and make an empty space. Everything that you need including the parts that you are going to use will go back. You may have parts that do not have much of a group. You could then group them up in containers or boxes as well. This is a good method if your situation is looking a bit mixed up.

This method puts everything on an even footing outside of the original place. When we are talking about a cupboard drawer with many things, initially you may want to remove a few items that are obvious for moving to the trash.

Taking everything out and noticing what you have will allow you to give you a good plan of action with all those pieces. Everything at that point has an equal chance to stay or go.


Hope you find this helpful.


Flour Free Only Please

At what point do I state I don’t eat flour?

When or even why should it become common knowledge that there’s a situation?

I have seen first hand of a vegetarian who lived in a primarily meat driven society. He had problems in restaurants and with sharing foods as he could only have veggie only meals. I felt his pain.

Do I shut up or live like him?


A Strange Kind of Sympathy

I have also seen some people giving me sympathy about my lifestyle but in theory it was me that had sympathy for their poor eating. They looked at me as though I was an invalid, but compared to my health their health was worse.


Should I try to convince others to live like me? How or what could I say to them? And when does advice start to become preaching?

It’s a tough call but I always see this time as my better time.

What Inspires Us to Do the Things We Do?

I seem to speak about inspirational stuff in most of my posts about things that I’ve done or things that seem to trigger a curious streak within me but then I can ask to myself what inspires me.

I question this because it seems it’s an easy question as I write posts about similar things, but then to answer the question about what inspires me seems a lot more difficult almost the same kind question is when you have an interview so what is unique about yourself there’s also an insanely impossible question to answer maybe that is the reason

I think inspirational but what inspires me?

I read posts constantly from fellow bloggers and they have inspirational, motivational things in their lies and challenges aspirations.

So what can I do?

We all have activities, but what inspires us to do them?

  • Gardening
  • Sketches
  • Book writing
  • Travelling

I should lead more by example and not just explaining. I think this is now my inspirational moment to think of doing and not just being the teacher and so now I have a new mission as in what should what will make my inspirational journey more fulfilled.

Backpacked Australian Journey – Book Readings 3 and 4

Heres post 2 in my mini series with me reading the first chapter of my Australia Travel book. There will be more over the next few days. Each is only 10 minutes so not too much.

You can pick up my book below COMPLETELY FREE.

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Backpacked Australian Journey – Book Readings 3 and 4



Backpacked Australian Journey – Book Readings 1 and 2

I hope you have found my free book on Amazon. If not then you only have a few more days before the price changes.

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I decided to do something different and create a video book reading. I have never done this before and not the best person to jump in front of a camera, but it was enjoyable to say the least.

I have released 2 videos initially. There will be more over the next few days. Each is only 10 minutes so not too much.


Backpacked Australian Journey – Book Readings 1 and 2




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